Essay about The Declaration Of Independence : History And History

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The Declaration of Independence
The History and How It Applies to Today
During the American Revolutionary War, a convention was held at the Pennsylvania State house by thirteen American colonies. The convention, known as the Second Continental Congress, produced a list of reasons these colonies should secede from Great Britain and claim their independence. On July 4th, 1776, this list was adopted and signed by the thirteen American colonies and became known as The Declaration of Independence. The historical document contained the goals of how our nation, ideally, would be structured. This moment in history was a major turning point for the people that populated the thirteen American colonies because it signified the relationship between the government and its people.

Among the men that drafted the Declaration were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. Thomas Jefferson, the youngest member of Congress at the age of 33 years, wrote a large portion of the Declaration. His inspiration came from different books he had read throughout his life, as well as conversations with many different people. The Monticello Classroom’s website developed a chain-of-events with some of Jefferson’s most important inspirations. The website teaches that a fellow plantation owner, George Mason suggested the importance of the “pursuit of happiness.” The website also states that the section of abuses such as, “imposing taxes on us without our consent,” were based on the charges filed…

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