The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Paine Essay

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Between 1700 and 1763, two of the most important ideologies came out of the English New World. And those ideas are Republicanism and Enlightenment. The idea of enlightenment came from a man named John Locke. Locke believed in people being “ruled by reason” (PowerPoint) and that the people should believe in “life, liberty and property” (PowerPoint). Republicanism came out of the enlightenment thinking due to it being “the ideology of liberty” (PowerPoint). There were two documents that came out of this thinking in the later years of the 1700s. The one of the documents are Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine is going to be the most important writer in the Colonial Period because in his writings he advocated for the best interest of the colonies and said that the British didn’t take the colonies into account. The other document that took the ideologies into account was the infamous Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson. In this document, the basic tenants of Republicanism were extremely evident. The basic tenants of republicanism were the basis of the Declaration of Independence and Common Sense. The basic tenants are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These come from the idea of people not having a monarchy control the people of a country. The people believed in limited government, limits on taxes and lack of corruption in a government. This was a priority of the founding fathers in the Declaration and these were also things that Thomas…

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