The Declaration Of Independence And Independence Essay

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The Declaration of Independence was written for two main reasons to them was just and right in the eyes of God. The Declaration, would be their ticket to freedom in their own land and why they were declaring their freedom from the British. In this document or as some would say a contract; would legally give them that freedom and it would have to be honored. It also was written to show reasons why the colonies felt their freedom was deserved and as humans justified. This would allow them to make their own laws, worship under different religions, and profit from their own labor and goods. The things that lead them to this decision was the harsh punishment they received from the king that came in many different methods. He would tell them what rates to charge for shelter of others, some people were tortured, and some were even killed. All these inhumanly, events lead to the proposal and writing of The Declaration of Independence.
In the many year of ruling under the King of Great Britain the US colonies felt as though they needed freedom in their own land. After, all they had become tired and weary of living a life bestowed upon them from the King of Great Britain. If they had freedom one could worship how they choose to worship. There would be more than three main religious groups in the mid colonies to choose from. Religion, was not taking lightly so they had to follow under those that were accepted by law. A lot of people followed religions they did not believe in but in…

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