The Declaration And War Of Independence Essay

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This is a very difficult question because of the Declaration and war of Independence, as well as the Constitutional Convention and the ratification of the Constitution are both very important events in American history. The Declaration paved the way for the colonies ' freedom from Britain, and the Constitutional Convention redeemed the colonies from near failure. Nevertheless, after digging deep I have come to believe the Constitutional Convention and the ratification of the Constitution to be a more significant event than the Declaration and war of Independence. Though the Declaration and war of Independence are extremely important historically. Without the Constitution, the thirteen colonies would have never survived passed the war. After the war of Independence, the thirteen colonies were governed under the Articles of Confederation. But the Articles of Confederation were deeply flawed for three main reasons. Congress could not regulate trade, there was no uniform system of currency, and there was no power of taxation. The thirteen colonies neglected each other, refusing to send help when one was experiencing the wrath of the Indians. The colonies did not care what happened to each other, even going as far as hating each other. In 1786, James Madison wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson specifying the economic difficulties caused by disorganization and competition among the states: “The States are every day, giving proof that separate regulations are more…

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