The Debate Over The Internet Essay

2312 Words Nov 12th, 2016 10 Pages
The past two decades are consecrated as an immense turning point in the history of mankind. Leaving behind its most impacting creation; the internet. This creation that began with a simple idea has now escaladed on a global scale in a matter of 20 short years. The internet throughout its short lifetime has grown into an essential necessity for the vast majority of the people on planet Earth. Constantly more programs, schools, businesses, and personal lives centralized themselves on the internet. 30 years ago, the internet remained a mere idea and a fantasy bound in the science fiction world. Today, everywhere one can see the presence of the internet. The internet is no longer fiction and humanity has made this very clear. Within one’s pocket, resides a tiny computer that stores amazing power. The majority of this power is generated and channeled through the internet.
This achievement in humanity has opened countless doors for everyone around the globe. The internet has united people from all walks of life in the form of communication through outlets such as social media. Not only this, but now, people are discovering the beauty and acceptance where people can share their art and unique ideas and receive genuinely positive feedback on the internet. In sight of this, websites such as Tumblr and Wattpad were created with the sole purpose to express art and ideas. Nonetheless, such as there is yin there is yang, for the internet has also been exploited for twisted purposes.…

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