The Debate Over Telephone Lines Essay

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While thousands of politicians launch undetermined bids for exponentially fewer seats, thousands more voters are preparing for an equally dubious escapade. One question gaining audience during the carnivalesque lead up to the next presidential election is the obvious, the emphatic, “Who are you voting for?” This question will be repeated over telephone lines, through online surveys or whispered between co-workers. For many, this is a time for comraderie- a time for “us” and “them.” For a growing number, however, the answer to the insistent question won’t be a name or a party of alignment. The unfulfilling answer will be a resounding, “I’m not.” This cynical sentiment will become a catalyst for some, an exhaust for others. Within the masses of disenchanted voters one can find a plethora of justification. From where I stand, the viable reason to stay away from the polls is singular. The act of voting in the next presidential election brings the individual no closer to truth, justice, liberty, equality or choice. While voting remains a symbolic act of our liberty and freedom, it is just that- a symbol. The privilege of voting is eroded by the unnecessary complexity of its own mechanics.
My daily work involves critically reviewing complex processes. In my role as Continuous Improvement Process Manager I train and lead teams through the eight simple steps of process improvement. Applied to any problem, these techniques are designed to simplify or remove unnecessary…

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