The Debate Over Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage
A hot topic across the United States is the debate about raising minimum wage. In Iowa the minimum wage is seven dollars and fifty cents. Some states have higher minimum wages but that could be due to the cost of living in that state. The United States’ minimum wage is seven dollars and fifty cents which most states follow. New York’s minimum wage is nine dollars an hour. Living in Iowa is a lower cost of living than living in New York. Some companies have raised their minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. Some of those companies had a lot of unemployment after that. So when we as a nation look into raising the minimum wage we have to look at multiple things rather than just raising it to a high number.
Since 1938 the United States government came up with an idea called minimum wage. The reason why minimum wage jobs were made were for people in poverty to get a better job or to go back to school or kids so they could make money for school and other things. So making minimum wage higher to help these people out to get to the next step is what we want to do. In the article “Raising the Minimum Wage: Effects on Family Poverty” by Ronald B. Mincy, states that two men named Edward M. Gramlich and Terrence Kelly proved “that most work low wage workers are not poor.” (18). This study was reviewed and proved to be true. So if people who work low wage jobs are not poor then how would it help? Besides putting extra cash in their pocket and making the process not as hard.…

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