The Debate Over Gay Marriage Essay

1188 Words Jun 16th, 2016 null Page
The voices are screaming, but there are no bodies that are manifested to produce it. One minute happiness flows the body; then, like a light switch, anger charges my thoughts. All emotions and state of mind vanish as water does once the sun comes out. Everything is a puzzle that cannot be pieced together. With one simple diagnostic, the voices are labeled schizophrenia and the changes of mood is bipolar disorder. The disorders, the names, the treatment, the “solutions”, seem to never. It is not a name with a needle welcoming the voices in, but a man with an ear and pen ready to silence or quiet them to be more bearable. The voices and mood swings are the patients and doctors secret, but the insanity is everyone’s show. The ability to be defined by having a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. The insanity is what will define the human.
2015, gay marriage is legalized, and being attracted to the same-sex is more tolerated. Going back 100 years being gay would be declared a mental illness. The attraction to the same-sex was frowned upon and seen as a bad thing. To be sane you had to like the opposite sex and anything else there had to be a few screws knocked loose. There is no sanity in liking the opposite gender. There has even been cases of people being called insane for being a “whore” or having too much sex. The same year, having down syndrome or any form of mental retardation was a form of insanity. We do not consider or even look…

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