The Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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Imagine a young child given a life changing opportunity to be freed from the tight fist Cerebral Palsy suffocates her with, given a life changing opportunity providing him/her with a brighter future, given
A young girl by the name of Chloe Levine suffered from Cerebral Palsy, which was never thought to be curable. Through the use of stem cell research conducted at Duke University, however, her recovery from this neurological disorder was cured. The method the research center used was adult stem cell reinfusion. From the success of stem cell reinfusion, scientists believe embryonic stem cell research must hold even more promising results. Embryonic stem cell research is a highly controversial and prevalent topic of interest in the world of politics. The procedure of embryonic stem cell research takes place through the extraction of a stem cell from what is called the blastocyst. An embryo consists of an outer ring comprised of cells divided through the process of mitosis called the trophectoderm; the entire mass as a whole is referred to as a blastocyst. This outer ring will eventually transform into the placenta. Inside the trophectoderm, embryonic stem cells cluster together. In order for the process of embryonic stem cell research to take place, the blastocyst must be destroyed to obtain an embryonic stem cell. The single stem cell removed from the blastocyst is used in order to reproduce multiple stem cells from the one obtained in order to grow a stem cell line…

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