The Death Penalty Should Be Reintroduced Into The Legal System Of Trinidad And Tobago

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The predicament with those in the world who refute the death penalty is that they have forgotten about the victims. Dejectedly, the victim 's voice is often suppressed by the grave. Murderers on death row chose their course, a decision made the first time they took someone’s life. They pay no attention to human life and must endure the consequences for taking that life.
Why should a murderer be permitted to breathe as his or her victims lie 6 feet under? Murderers no longer serve a useful purpose to society.
This paper seeks to provide an insight into The Death Penalty and its previous corroboration in the legal system of Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, important positions are outlined and supported stating why this form of punishment should be reintroduced into the legal system of Trinidad and Tobago. To provide a more thorough explanation of these important perceptions, opposing positions are also discussed. The death penalty should be reintroduced into the legal system of Trinidad and Tobago because it serves as a retribution for victims of crimes, it is cost efficient, life in prison is crueler, it is a crime deterrent and justice is served. On the opposing side, it is argued that the death penalty should not be reintroduced because retribution has turned into revenge, life in prison is cheaper, execution methods are crueler than life in prison, it does not deter crime and it is immoral. The Death Penalty is commonly referred to as Capital Punishment. According to…

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