Essay on The Death Penalty Is Not A Brand New Thing

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The death penalty, unfortunately, is not a brand new thing to the world. It has been around all throughout history and it for not look like it is going anywhere. But those tough decisions are up to each individual states, in thirty- six states the death penalty is opposed California is one of those thirty- six states. There are many ways to be put to death you have the lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas chamber, firing squad and last but not least hanging. As many people say you do the crime you do the time but if the time is so heinous you might get the death penalty and be waiting on death row.

The Death Penalty And Its History
The death penalty and its history have been around for centuries. But it all has to start someone and that somewhere is eighteen century with the code of Hammurabi. According to author Evan Andrews (2013),“if a man broke the bone of one his equals, his own bone would be broken in return”. This is taking an eye for an eye to another meaning. Now let 's fast forward to when the death penalty or also known as the capital punishment came to the U.S. When European settlers came to what we now know as Virginia, they introduced different ways of punishment. Author Michael H Reggie reports that (2014) “The first recorded execution in the English American colonies was in 1608 when officials executed George Kendall of Virginia for supposedly plotting to betray the British to the Spanish”. There were many other reasons you could be put to…

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