The Death Penalty Is Necessary Essay

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Throughout American history the death penalty has been used in almost every corner of the United States. It has been used to punish the wicked and mentally unstable for hundreds of years. The death penalty is a quick, socially acceptable, population reducing and effective method of execution for criminals. This essay will cover five specific topics which are: euthanasia if crime is serious, if found guilty of serious crime capital punishment is required, populations of prisons would be reduced, cheaper than life in prison and if a killer kills someone then death should be the consequence. The death penalty is an important matter to talk about because no matter where in the world you are, there are always going to be people who do not deserve to live among the rest of us for crimes they have committed and therefore must be punished by the highest ruling in the land, capital punishment.
To start off with, the gov’t should be allowed to euthanize a person if the crime is serious enough. For example, on April 15, 2013 one of the most prestige marathons in the world was on its way when a pressure cooker bomb went off next to the finish line. The Blast sadly killed 3 spectators and injured over 250 people. One of the Boston bombers named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given the death penalty for allegedly planting and setting off a bomb next to the finish line during the 2013 Boston Marathon (Robert 2015). Boston had abolished the death penalty in 1984, but the Federal gov’t decided to…

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