The Death Penalty And Torture Essay

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Human Rights
Death Penalty and Torture The death penalty is a punishment for a crime in which the punishment is death. You have to do something really serious to get the death penalty though. Most people who get the death penalty are murderers and people who commit treason. The death penalty has been around for pretty much as long as society and a justice system has existed. There are many methods of carrying out the death penalty because people have had so long to get new ideas. Nowadays it is pretty humane though.
There are many ways today and throughout history that people have been executed. They have lethal injections which is basically a shot that puts you to sleep and then stops your breathing and heart. For a long time hanging someone was a popular way of carrying out the death penalty because it was so cheap to do and whoever is being hanged will suffer for a little while first. Lethal injections are pretty much painless and quick but if you were hanged then you still live for a while and it was a much slower death. The electric chair and gas chambers were widely used methods for a while but they are not used as much today.
There are many ways that people have been executed throughout history. People have been executed in some pretty crazy and terrible ways. There have been people executed by being trampled by elephants. Animals have been used a lot for executions because all it takes is something like a poisonous snakebite and the person will die. It seems like…

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