The Death Of The Funeral Essay

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Things are tense, somehow through the whole school, like they 've ripped off some sort of band-aid. Veronica remembered the last time it was like this; this bad. Detention had only been the beginning of conflict, and it made Veronica think about Lilly. Losing her best friend had been the hardest thing in the world, but she thinks about the funeral, sad and tragic, but really the eye of that storm. The funeral had been civil, had been touching, had been sweet at times. Lilly may have been the top of the Neptune social ladder, but everybody ten pegs below couldn 't help but adore from afar. There 'd been kids at the funeral she 'd never seen in her classes, and Veronica tried not to think about that now, where the student population had divided and conquered itself, over a lunchtime brawl over a girl. Well, actually, Lilly would 've loved that if it would 've been her.

On the one hand, Veronica doesn 't care. School 's been uncomfortable, and difficult for her for months. Until Wallace she 'd been a one-lady island, doomed to drift alone, everyone else would just have to figure out how to float, too.

"Veronica." Wallace is frowning at her, and she knows she hasn 't been listening very well.

"Sorry," She pushed stray bangs out of her face, and really felt sorry. "Before Logan and Weevil and Missy I 'd been close to tracking down my mom and now she kind of disappeared again, you know? And its like. Why bother, you know?" “Why bother? Why bother…

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