The Death Of Modern Policing Essay

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August Vollmer was one of the most extraordinary men to ever be appointed as a Chief of Police in history. He is considered the leading figure in the creation of the criminal justice field within the United States. Hailed as the father of modern policing, his spirit of innovation, dedication to improving procedures, and contribution to policing are unsurmountable and will be emulated for years to come. His continued drive for educational opportunities and improvement within the law enforcement society will forever change the way police organizations are structured. The vast improvements throughout this discipline are evident by one man’s hard work and tireless efforts.

August Vollmer the Father of Modern Policing Many people, outside the Criminal Justice discipline, may not know who August Vollmer was or what his contributions to law enforcement entails. Dubbed the Father of Modern Policing, his tireless efforts in police reform, policing strategies, and dedication to educational innovations are still practiced in the law enforcement community to this day. He was born on March 7, 1876 in New Orleans, Louisiana and at the age of 15, he and his family moved to Berkeley, California (Martin, n.d.). He worked as a letter carrier for several years before displaying courage by stopping a run-away bus from crashing into a commuter train. Due to his quick thinking, he saved several lives, and was hailed a hero. His popularity continued to rise and at…

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