The Death Of Lance Lott Essay

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On the day he began his prison sentence, Lance Lott felt as though he had died. While the world continued its busy pace, he surrendered the bustling tempo of the free world. His appointments go abandoned, his clients left stranded, his texts and emails go unanswered, and his children go orphaned To not go insane, he gave up on ever a life with his children. At first, his heart broke a million times on a daily basis, but over time, his emotions grew callous and taciturn. All the material things chased would no longer consume his thoughts. All the nagging regrets forced to resign to his past.
Lance had missed two Christmases with his family and grown eight hundred and ten days older. Nevertheless, life continued as every day lay a stolen memory because he was merely one night’s sleep and a single wake up from freedom.
As the rich spring sun sets across the open Kansas sky, the last rays of pink and gold light danced across the omnibus hundred-year-old, forty foot brick wall of Leavenworth Penitentiary. A facility that in its heyday housed Machine Gun Kelly, The Birdman of Alcatraz, and various members of the Lucchese Crime Family, Lance walked his last laps around the track.
The “big house” which rested within that immense brick barrier to freedom—still topped with iron spikes as it was built long before razor wire or metal fencing, seemed closer to something from a history book or a tour of Washington DC. While its white marble front facade, concrete antebellum…

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