The Death Of Lady Macduff Essay

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“Murder!” Lady Macduff yelled furiously whilst navigating the long, dim hallway of her husband’s castle. The large window she passed exposed a huge cliff face, with the coast of Fife immediately below. The waves slammed heavily like cymbals on the rocks, whilst slithers of moonlight danced elegantly on the water. As she turned a corner Lady Macduff saw the deep red colour of her assailant’s cape, the threat of death once again appeared.
“You cannot run forever Lady Macduff, God help you in your deadly struggle!” the murderer chanted in a macabre tone.

Terrified, Lady Macduff turned a sharp corner, when her eyes fell on a small doorway concealed with artwork, so it appeared to be a part of the wall. Her hands fumbled quickly over the large brass handle, finally heaving the wooden door and falling inside the small room. As she entered, the thunderous footsteps of her follower passed… the silence was ear- splitting. Surveying the area, her eyes fell upon a single crucifix hung on the plain white wall, a Bible and a clear glass window that overlooked the ocean below.
Overcome by emotion the Lady fell to her knees facing the crucifix and began to pray, “Lord, protect my son and may he go to heaven. Save my soul and forgive me for I have obviously sinned to deserve this fate planned by you. May my husband be protected under your guard forever because he is a good man. I pray for forgiveness for the ill words that I spoke of him. I pray that we may be reunited in heaven or…

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