The Death Of Jesus Christ Essay

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Some people are soldiers, but most people are civilians. Some people are saved, while most people are lost. A civilian becomes a soldier when he is enlisted in the army. A person becomes enlisted into God’s army when he gets saved by receiving Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. When we receive our salvation we also receive the burden to seek and save the lost, by leading others to Jesus Christ and helping them to walk the paths of righteousness.
A person that is genuinely saved will no longer live for his own cause, but for the cause of Jesus Christ. He will not live according to his own will, but according to the will of his Heavenly Father, therefore a saved believer in Jesus Christ is also a soldier of Jesus Christ. There are only a few that are saved, while there are many that are perishing.
They perish because those that are enlisted as soldier in God’s army are cowards and instead of fighting the battle, they have turned cold and have lost their way. Sadly, many Christians are not aware of their battle, most Christians have no clue on which side they are fighting, they have become allies with the enemy, they have deserted their true calling, and are shooting at their own comrades-in-arms.
A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, He alone is our commanding officer and we are His soldiers. Our posting may be different, our duties and gifts are not the same, but our job is to do His will and walk according to our calling. The role of a soldier is primarily to complete the…

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