The Death Of Ivan And A Confession Essay

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Leo Tolstoy’s books The Death of Ivan Ilych and A Confession, the Gospel Brief and What I Believe show very similar experiences and thought processes between Ivan Ilych and Tolstoy himself. It is arguable that when writing The Death of Ivan Ilych, Tolstoy reflected himself into Ilych’s character and life. This is evident in both men’s early experiences, thoughts and beliefs, morals, and overall questioning and understanding of life’s existence. Very soon did Tolstoy write that he wanted to be the best in the eyes of the people. He mostly made his life choices based upon what he thought the people around him would approve. Tolstoy expresses this as, “…the desire to be better not in my own eyes or those of God but in the eyes of other people…this effort again changed into a desire to be stronger than others: to be more famous, more important and richer than others” (Confession 5). Status was very important to Leo Tolstoy, and he writes Ilych as the covetous type, only wanting others to envy him, as well. Ivan Ilych really only did things because they were socially acceptable, not because he felt he needed to, or that his actions were right. Ivan Ilych really fancied marriage because he felt he was supposed to. This is expressed in the quote in The Death of Ivan Ilych, “…he married because his social circle approved of the match” (Tolstoy 107). One of the wishes of Tolstoy’s aunt was for him to obtain a wife with good breeding and wealth. Tolstoy, in A Confession,…

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