The Death Of God And Globalization Essays

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As western culture progresses some odd concepts such as morality begin to lack definition. The death of God and globalization have opened many possibilities for the understanding and evolution of morality, particularly whether it is culturally relative or of some universal absolute (Nietzsche). By determining the root of morality as belief, and understanding that beliefs are culturally defined this essay will prove that morality is relative to culture. It will further go on to disprove any notion of absolute morality and address the issue of moral progress with a conclusion that there cannot exist moral development without domination. Therefore, it is in one’s best interest to accept the differences between cultures and do little to intervene.
No absolute morality exists beyond culturally defined morality. The philosopher Bertrand Russell argues that the easiest explanation is best, and until proved otherwise, should be regarded as the truth (Russell). Without proof of absolute morality existing, for that would require that all individuals share the same beliefs, the simpler explanation is that morality is constructed by culture. This is because morality is founded on belief, It is what one believes is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ that constitutes their morality, not what they have been taught. For example, I know that it is wrong to kill my parents not because I was told murder is bad, but because I believe everyone has the right to life and because I am rather fond of my parents.…

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