The Death Of Drinking As A Teenager Essay

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Every action and attitude by others are derived from the society around him. The people around you-- and, most importantly, the groups they break up into-- affect your attitudes through the treatment the status quo causes them to give you; the norms they set. After being influenced by an ideal, other specific ideas will develop which will cause other specific actions. This kind of shaping leads to the creation of norms, obedience, and the way we interact in groups.
Attitudes control actions. For example, a teenager who feels the need to rebel against people exercising control over them (parents or teachers) will do anything to satisfy their desire to rebel and feel in control. The teenager might drink alcohol or do drugs as an act of rebellion. In this instance, the attitude is rebellion which causes the action of drinking. Drinking as a teenager is most definitely a teenage norm. It is so normal, in fact, that most adults are aware of teenage drinking or themselves drunk as teenagers.
So how do these norms arise? Norms arise at the end of a long process. This process starts with people. People have an intense need, no matter who they are, to be needed. People naturally want to feel like they belong. It is why the quiet, goth girl branches out to make new friends; why the goody-two-shoes will fall off the straight and narrow; why the intelligent girl will pretend to be less than as much for attention. People want to feel like they belong. This need will often bring about…

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