The Death Of Dreams By Truman Capote Essay

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The Death of Dreams

Every person has dreams they would like to accomplish. In the stories by Truman Capote, the characters all have dreams that pertain to improving their lives or the lives of those around them. For many of the character’s in Capote’s stories, their lives are not perfect, and that as we have the ability to dream, those dreams will not always come true. Whether it is because of the decisions that we make or the decisions made for us, dreams will not always be achieved. While nearly everyone can relate to having dreams, wishing they would come true, and striving toward that end, Truman Capote explored the ways in which these dreams wither and die.

Truman Capote was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both of Capote’s parents completely neglected him, and for a majority of his life young life, Capote lived with relatives in Alabama. When Capote’s parents made the decision to divorce, the two used young Truman as an opportunity to harm one another. The two decided to turn the divorce into a custody battle. In the end, Capote’s mother won. Therefore, Capote moved in with his mother and stepfather in New York. His mother often picked on him for not being like other boys. Capote’s new life in New York proved to be extremely difficult as Capote felt out of place and constantly rejected. It is apparent that the life Capote lived had an impact on the stories he wrote. “... Capote maps the themes of his earlier and highly personal work, which were primarily dealing…

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