Comparing The American Dream In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Lifes dreams may never be as easy to obtain as one might think. Through the characters of Curley's Wife, Lennie, and George, they show how a dream can be unreachable because of obstacles outside of your control. Just working hard and persevering won't always help you achieve your greatest dream. Through the characters of Curley's Wife, Lennie, and George Steinbeck shows that issues outside the control of an individual often limit the achievement of an individual’s dreams.
In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the character of Curley’s Wife has an American Dream of becoming an actress.While Curley’s Wife is talking to Lennie in the barn, in chapter 5, she explains how she wishes to be an actress instead of a house-wife. “‘Coulda been in the
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While Lennie is talking to Curley’s Wife in the barn, in chapter 5, he tells her about his dream of having rabbits to care for because they are less likely to die in his care compared to a mouse. “We gonna have a little place,’ Lennie explained patiently. ‘We gonna have a house an’ a garden and a place for alfalfa, an’ that alfalfa is for the rabbits an’ I take a sack and get it all fulla alfalfa and then I take it to the rabbits’” (Steinbeck 89). Lennie telling Curley’s Wife about his dream to have rabbits because they are easier to take care of compared to mice and the puppy, foreshadows Lennie killing Curley’s wife. This can also lead the reader to infer that Lennie has planned his whole life and has not even truly thought about the cost that may come with the rabbits. As a reader, we can tell that Lennie truly believes in this dream and does not even stop to think about the possibility of his dream not coming true or working out for any reason whatsoever. He believes that nothing can stop him and that he can do anything, with all of his optimism, he does not always see what’s really holding him back. Although Lennie dreams and dreams big, he is unable to achieve his American Dream of tending to rabbits on his own farm because he is mentally retarded. During their conversation in chapter 4, Crooks tells Lennie that he is crazy because Lennie believes that George is going to go with Lennie and start a farm with rabbits. “‘You’re nuts,’ said Crooks. ‘You’re crazy as a wedge. What rabbits you talkin’ about?” (Steinbeck 69). Crooks calls Lennie crazy and nuts because Lennie insists that he’s going to start a ranch with George and there he will be raising rabbits. Little to Lennie’s knowledge, he will never be able to achieve his dream because he is so dependent on George due to his mental retardation. Lennie has lots of trouble remembering

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