The Death Of A Salesman Essay

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The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is about how Willy Loman, an unsuccessful salesman, has a perfect dream for himself and his family. All he wants in life is to be successful and he will do anything to make sure people believe him, but when he gets fired from his job, you start to see his “perfect plan” fall to pieces and it all goes downhill from there. Oedipus the King by Sophocles is about how Oedipus thinking he was the most remarkable man around, but when a truth about his past comes out, we start to see the “greatest” king fold under the pressure and turn on everyone, even himself. I believe that Oedipus the King has the most characteristics of a tragedy while The Death of a Salesman is just pathetic. I have read two views on tragedy, Aristotle 's and Miller’s. Aristotle 's view on tragedy is that the character has to be good in some way in their life. The character should act like their status in life. So, if they are a king for example then they should act like it. The people that are involved with the character have to believe and trust that character. The character has to act like themselves through the whole play. Also, the character has to have peripety or discovery within himself at some point of the play. The change that the character goes through cannot fix the problem completely. For the plot, there has to be unity through the whole play. Also, The plot has to involve some humble or evil deed that has been done. Miller’s view is that any common man…

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