The Death Of A Long Time Essay

1843 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
For a long time, I’ve thought of all the different ways I would tell you all to shove it because that’s how much I despise this family. We can’t sit down for a holiday meal without a fight breaking out or someone making threats. The last time we had a family reunion, the cops had to be called because of a fight. The Jennings and Masons have known each other for nineteen years, and nobody can be cordial. For years, there has been nothing but lies and drama spreading throughout both families. You spread a nasty rumor about a Mason and they retaliate by spreading something nasty about you. To be honest, this is childish behavior and the Masons only hate you because of the way you treat my mother. The hatred you share for her doesn’t just affect her it affects us all. My father feels guilty about spending time with you because you continue to trash her in front of him. My mother and April no longer have a relationship because April believes the lies. Let’s travel back to when my parents first got together; I remember hearing stories about how you guys would never invite her over because you didn’t like her, but you didn’t even know her. So I propose that instead of letting this hate continue to fill your hearts, get to know her because you will like her. Doing so could solve the issues of my father feeling guilty about spending time with you all. April and my mom would have a chance at rebuilding their relationship, and my mother wants to be your friend so just give her a…

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