Essay on The Death Of A Lion

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In today’s world, violence is increasing. Whether it be about race, or species, it needs to be stopped. As of 2015, 776 people have been killed by police in the United States, where only 161 of them have been unarmed. Also in 2015, a thirteen year old lion was brutally hunted and murdered. This death of a lion, has had more publicity than the 161 murders of unarmed black men and women. This shows the type of society we live in, where an animal has more outrage than a human. When a black person is killed, they are called “criminals, animals, etc.” by the world. When a white dentist kills an endangered lion, he is referred by his title of doctor, or his profession as a dentist. Gruen is discussing the murders of Samuel Dubose, Cecil the Lion, and Sandra Bland. Two of these people are African Americans who were brutally murdered by the police. I didn’t hear of Samuel Dubose’s murder until this article. That shows how little coverage these deaths receive. I didn’t hear of Sandra Bland until I browsed the internet one day, where a bunch of people are proving the point that the police murdered this woman. I don’t really watch the news, but when I did watch in July, they mostly talked about Cecil the Lion and Dr. Walter Palmer. It was very rare that you would hear about the protest happening in Baltimore, and Ferguson. The main news topic was “Beloved Cecil the Lions, hunted for fun.” I never even heard about this lion until this summer when he was hunted. I get the fact that…

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