Burying A Child Poem Analysis

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“She took a doubtful step and then undid it to raise herself and look again” (4-5). This poem puts into perceptive the emotional effect the death of a child’ can strain on a family. The thematic significant of this poem explicitly shows the development of differing perspectives about relationships, life, and death. The characters in this story resemble more than just a disagreeing couple, but a true life couple who have experienced a real catastrophic event that undermines communication. I felt this poem reflects the true nature of how people react and have emotions. While reading this poem, I analyzed the text by allowing myself to put the shoe on my foot and sharpen my view of the tragedy of burying a child. My overall experience of …show more content…
The real nature of this text made me feel benevolence toward this couple because I couldn’t image burying my child. The common psychology of the world is that in reality most of us will bury our parents someday, but we do not expect to bury our children. As a woman, to see the despairing wife feel as though she is alone, was heartbreaking. “What is It-What? She said. “Just that I see”. “You don’t, she challenged. “Tell me what it is” (6-7). This dialogue really shows the loss of all hope for the woman. The idea that her husband was incapable of identifying the terms of the loss that was clearly overpowering the grave of his wife was in my opinion pitiful to see the conflicting positions of this couple. A mother gives a child life, takes great care of it and for her husband not to see the enduring problem, was difficult to read. She has become sorrowful, but her husband remains normal as though burying a child was easy. In reality, the emotion of both characters was ultimately why each one expressed the tragedy of their child’s death in different

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