Essay about The Day War - Original Writing

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Earth didn 't stand any chance of surviving against any kind of invasion for the Devastators. The Three Day War brought the destruction of the Citadel and the Fall of Armani. They managed to crushed all of the Armani Fleet and almost whipped out the world 's fleet. Kevin Ford knew that Earth was going to be destroy in the matter of hours. He haven 't been aboard the Vitae for a hour, but he already missed the outside world. The smell of flowers and the noise of traffic from the streets below his apartment. He missed it all.

He especially missed his remaining family that had to stay and wait until death arrives. Thankfully, he was able to bring his wife and his two sons aboard. He didn 't know what he would do if he couldn 't bring one of his sons aboard. He looked at a picture of them at Washington Monument that they took a couple years ago, but it felt like centuries. Those were the good old days. He knew that the planet was coming to an end, but he had time to do whatever he wanted with his family and friends. Leaving behind everyone crushed Kevin.

His new job aboard Vitae has managed to keep him for thinking about them.

Since he 's both an ambassador and historian, he was selected to work at the Archive. The place was amazing to be in. It contained all of the world 's histories, stories, footage, and other important stuff for everyone to look, read, and watch. The place even had physical copies of books…

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