The Day Of World War I Essay

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Clarence Joseph Bessette composed a letter to Miss Marjorie Christien of his current participation in the time of World War One. Bessette’s past became shared by the people dearest to him, his remembrance arises from the letter, which carries the individuals experiences. Letters were pivotal to soldiers and families as it raised the morale on both the front and home-front. Soldiers wrote letters with powerful stories of previous and current occurrences, primarily of the bloodshed between the Allies and the Axis. For soldiers, the letters received from the home-front caused tranquility for soldiers as it represented the love and care by families, friends, and supporters. Furthermore, letters permitted soldiers to demonstrate the devastations by warfare, such as, the loss of a loved ones. Others refrained from the horrors of war in letters as soldiers strived to prevent the exposure of the sorrow and hardships of the war. Instead, soldiers spoke of the future or expressed the love for their families and friends. These letters reconstruct a soldiers personal perception and a visual representation of the battles and lifestyle of the soldiers in combat. Overall, remembrance by families and friends kept the movement of the First World War and the soldiers alive with their stories and experiences. Clarence Joseph Bessette was born on April 1st 1890 in Lumby British Columbia. A soldier of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifle of the 8th Brigade of the 3rd. Canadian Division. He enlisted…

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