The Day Of The Cremation Essay

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A rite of passage is a ceremony or event that imposes a new stage in someone’s life. A rite of passage that I have witnessed is a Sikh funeral. The Sikhs believe in the cycle of life where they are reincarnated for the afterlife. They believe that their soul goes through many different life forms as the cycle of life continues until it becomes one with God. Sikhs funerals are done into two stages, the cremation, and the final prayer. Before the cremation ceremony, the body is washed and dressed in clean clothing then placed in a funeral home for a viewing for 3 days. A prayer is then said prior to the cremation for the redemption of the person’s soul that has left the earth and being their new cycle of life.
On the day of the cremation, a speech about the person is usually told by a close family member or friend following the formal prayer. During the cremation process only close family members and a priest attend it because it is the last hours left with the deceased person. The priest will recite the last part of the prayer as they take the body out of the funeral home to where they cremate the body. Guest are allowed to participate during the cremation if they are invited by the family of the dead person and if not they would stand outside of the room waiting for the family.
Once the cremation is ended the ashes are collected and are thrown into a body of water preferably in India or is thrown where the person’s favorite place was. The cremation is the final step of…

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