The Dark Side Of The White Light Essay

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through fog in bright sunlight. The audience, who was focused on me, was patient as my vision cleared, and I became comfortable in this illumination. By their reaction, I felt that it was common for them to wait for this adjustment to take place from human to spiritual sight. As I gained further awareness in my new divine presence, my eye sight started to become accustomed to the utter brilliance that first blinded me. No longer did I strain to see in this new setting.
I was no longer a mist form at this point. I had become a part of the light, part of the same essence as the other beings in the room with me. My body was human-like, and I gleamed in the white light that was everywhere and everything. The white light was the natural landscape of this existence. It was both illumination and power. The light was living and cohesive, like love was alive as a substance.
In this grand existence and place, I was inquisitive as a child. I remained verbally silent, but my mind raced to understand my new surroundings. An angel attendant, clad in a long, white robe, stood by my left side, similar to the way I was dressed. He remained ready to help me as needed. The angel was illuminated in the same white brilliance as the room, but with his own presence. Unlike me, he had an aura around his whole being that shimmered of gold and iridescence. He was kind and gentle, peaceful, and incredibly beautiful.
As I gained sharper focus, I saw men in the room. No words were…

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