The Dark Side Of Reality Essay example

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We can not ask God for what we are wanting to be but only what we are expected to be. In truth, reality as we know it is subjective to the observer. Life in its own regard is a work of fiction that changes and molds due to the choices of the characters presented in it. Reality itself is a projection of fiction that we perceive as truth. Our fate is influenced by our choices and the choices of others. But why do we live? We live because we have to.
Erik found himself laying on the couch, sunken into its cushions and crevices. The apartment was a scattering of books and papers and equations hung about the walls. A look of dread and despair was thick about him. He found his mind racing from various thoughts and ideas. The ideas were mainly on the subject of love and life. His eyes were red from the falling of tears he tried to hold back. Emotions and feelings brought him great fear, and the feeling he felt now brought him great pain. The pain was internal. A great cinching pain like needles stabbing into his chest. It was as if his joy was being sucked out from him as he watch the indicator on the meter of joy fall ever steadily. As Erik stared blankly into space, battling his own demons, his roommate walked in with his girlfriend.
“Hello Kyle.” Erik said with a void of emotion or enthusiasm. “Hello, Kalina.” Erik said to his roommate’s girlfriend with the same passion as before.
“Erik, it has been three days since you have left this apartment. Three days you have been…

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