Essay about The Dark Side Of Government Dominance

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The Dark Side of Government Dominance Can a government 's approach toward superiority, whether polished but covert or crude and overt, affect conformity among its people? Some believe that polished mannerism builds respect and trust, while others say being feared is the way to true respect and loyalty. George Orwell 's 1984 and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 's Harrison Bergeron exemplify the difference between polished versus crude government approaches. 1984 and Harrison Bergeron differ in how their governments ' place themselves in an authoritative position, how their governments ' remove nihilists from the "utopia", and how each of their protagonists ' ideologies compare with their governments '. Primarily, 1984 and Harrison Bergeron 's governments differ as to how their governments set themselves in an autocratic standing. 1984 's government advantageously changes history that they may have their citizens believe they have everything under control. The government sets up a false utopia in the eyes of their citizens. Because the people believe that all is well, they refrain from revolting. The alterations place the government in high regard in the minds of the people. The citizens of 1984 see their leader, Big Brother, as all knowing and magnanimous. Very few people have reason to question Big Brother 's leadership. All news that comes to the people always includes the state 's successful ventures. "Day and night the telescreens bruised your ears with statistics proving that…

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