The Dark Ages ( Middle Ages ) Essay

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As is historically the case when any concept, invention or discovery is slated to help mankind, Christianity, in all its self-appointed divine glory, waltzes in with a bottle of holy water and squelches even the most vehement of would-be do-gooders. My statement may be overdramatic, but there is no denying that there was (and still is) much contention between the Church and the artists & creators of their respective eras. Most notably of these, the Dark Ages (Middle Ages, Early-Middle Ages), aptly named for its description of the time after the fall of the Roman Empire and the growth of Christianity in the form of Catholicism. Many forms of art were censored, theatre being at the top of the list. But what if Lysistrata were somehow presented during the period? There is a lot to think about: who would put it on, where would it take place, what types of people would be performers, would it be censored beyond familiarity, would the church attempt to adapt it? Let’s look at this practically first off; say Lysistrata was performed, but all the same laws banning such lude entertainment were still in effect. If the Church decides the material does not inspire or lend to their teachings, we can assume the script (whatever form it may be in) would be destroyed for being blasphemous. In this event, the lower & middle class would be the only groups willing to perform such a piece. Of those groups, only those not fearful of the consequences and in a position to perform would be…

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