The Dangers Of Vaccines

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Imagine yourself, eleven-years-old, lying in anguishing pain in a hospital bed. Doctors are surrounding you, offering medical assistance. But your parents deny you the right to be treated. “Medical assistance would infringe upon my right to practice my religion” they claim. You hear those around you and have some hope of survival left. However, you never get medical assistance. Instead your parents pray. And pray. And continue to pray. This, of course, does nothing. The doctors and specialists know this, but your parents still refuse to accept it. You die. This was the case for eleven-year-old Madeline Nuemann, and this could have been prevented.
A motion opposing vaccinations is currently increasing in popularity. When most people consider
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Miller, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Foundation for Health Choice, forcing children to be vaccinated decreases their immune response. However, this is false. Vaccinations prevent dangerous and deadly diseases. By encouraging the body to mimic natural defenses against infections, vaccines increase people’s immunity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during infections viruses and bacteria infest the body and increase in number. This leaves the immune system in charge of ridding the body of the infection. T Cells defend the body by searching for infected cells and killing them. The body has to create antibodies and antigens in order to attack the bacteria and germs. Once the infection has been fought off, the body has an available storage of antibodies and antigens, so if an infection were to occur again the body would be prepared to replicate these proteins and fight off the infection. The body’s ability to have a readily available storage of antibodies and antigens increases the speed of an immune response and decreases the damage an infection could cause, which helps to develop immunity. Vaccines imitate an infection but do not actually cause an infection or sickness. But, vaccinations do allow the body to develop the response it would have to real infections “[…] so the body can recognize and fight the vaccine-preventable disease in the future” helping to develop immunity (CDC). Therefore, vaccinations increase a human’s ability to eliminate a viral infection. By increasing immune responses in individuals’ vaccinations are able to decrease the chances of viruses and diseases

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