Autism Argumentative Analysis

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Imagine yourself, eleven-years-old, lying in anguishing pain in a hospital bed. Doctors are surrounding you, offering medical assistance. But your parents deny you the right to be treated. “Medical assistance would infringe upon my right to practice my religion” they claim. You hear those around you and have some hope of survival left. However, you never get medical assistance. Instead your parents pray. And pray. And continue to pray. This, of course, does nothing. The doctors and specialists know this, but your parents still refuse to accept it. You die. This was the case for eleven-year-old Madeline Nuemann, and this could have been prevented.
A motion opposing vaccinations is currently increasing in popularity. When most people consider
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Critics of vaccines cite autism as a direct response of being vaccinated because as the number of children with autism increases the number of children being vaccinated also increases. In order to support their argument, critics indicate the use of thimerosal, a chemical known to have harmful effects on neurological development. Further, they claim there is no other attribution to the rise in autism, stating children show no signs of autism before they are born. However, while there is correlation evidence that autism is increasing, there is no direct link between the rise in autism and the rise in vaccinations. The Immunization Action Coalition found, U.S. federal courts looked over 939 medical journals and came to the conclusion that there was no link between vaccinations and neurological conditions that are “induced” by vaccinations. False assumptions made by parents that their child’s autism is caused by the usage of vaccinations contradicts developmental scientists’ evidence that the signs of autism are present in children before they are born. Also, the difference between autistic children and non-autistic children cannot be explained solely on the use of vaccinations because the function of the brain is significantly different between the two groups. On top of this, thimerosal does not cause neurological diseases, but it stops contaminants from intruding vaccines and stops the spread of

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