The Dangers Of Underage Drinking

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Underage Drinking is when anyone under the minimum legal drinking age of 21 drinks alcohol. In most cases people abuse alcohol around freshman year of high school. Some people even drink at an earlier age with the permission of their parents. Young people usually drink because an older brother or sister is doing it so the pressure to fit in attracts them to start drinking. Underage drinking is a huge problem and I think it’s even a bigger problem here in Las Vegas because our city drives on alcohol and drugs. Teens that drink don’t realize the harm it does until it’s too late and that it why there is such a high rate in underage dui accidents.
High school is the time where most teens try to find where they fit in and the pressure from this
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The laws that are in place to prevent underage drinking and underage driving is that for anyone under 21 the (Bac) blood alcohol concentration limit while driving is set to 0.2 and not the average 0.8 for people over 21. Also, it is illegal to possess, consume and sell alcohol if you are under age and in public. The only exception to underage drinking is with the consent of a parent in the privacy of their own home. Cracking down on underage drinking is hard to do and most times it’s too late to prevent it from happening. Usually we don’t find out that a minor has been drinking until after they’ve past out or got caught doing something worse or even until they end up in a hospital bed because of an accident. This is a huge problem because it affects not only the person doing it but all of society. If a teenager decides to drink and then gets in a car accident it affects everyone. They not only hurt themselves but also someone else or someone’s property. If a teen gets into a car accident and kills someone then that is something they must live with for the rest of their lives. Living with something as traumatic as killing someone or hurting someone else because of alcohol isn’t easy and most times it leads to binge drinking as an adult. If they get drunk and vandalize someone’s property and get caught they can end up facing jail time or a big …show more content…
I think that parents must pay more attention to what their kids are doing and who they hang around with. Some parents even provide their kids with alcohol and that is so wrong as well. I also think that high school students should be taught about the effects that drinking can cause. Honestly, the only way we can stop underage drinking is by informing these teens about all the things that can go wrong if they decide to drink. No young person should have to live with the consequences of a bad mistake because of

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