The Dangers Of The Air We Breathe Essay

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The air we breathe is essential to keep us alive, the same also applies about water. From every form of life, to the production of as little as a paper clip to as big as an airplane, everything needs water. Water covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface with 96.5 percent found in seas and ocean, known as saltwater or seawater. The rest 3.5 percent, is known as freshwater which the primary source of water needed to support our life, found in groundwater also in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland. Nonetheless, “of that small number, less than 1 percent is easily accessible for human use; most of the rest is locked up in polar ice caps or buried deep in underground aquifers that catch and hold groundwater” (Haugen and Musser 7). Human have to fulfill most of our everyday activities, from home use to industrial use, with that 1 percent. Furthermore, Haugen and Musser point out depletion of groundwater and the rise of the population are two major dangers to the stability of global water source (12). The world eventually bound to experience water shortage in the near future if we are not working on a solution for groundwater depletion and the increasing in demand for water due to the growth of the population.
As the head of water users in the universe, human can be called the ‘troublemaker’ for the shortage of freshwater. It is because the role of water is quite precisely present in everything mankind does (Fishman 2). From human body, to the cup of coffee we…

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