Why Did Hitler Hate Jews During The Holocaust

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World War II was the time-frame, in which Nazis invaded and took over many countries like Germany and Belgium. Due to the fact that Germany lost World War I, Hitler, the leader of the Nazis and the dictator of Germans, decided to put all the blame on Jews for the sake of a scapegoat (Why Did Hitler Hate Jews?). This led most Germans to develop strong hatred towards innocent Jews, which caused them to get fired from their jobs, sent to torturous concentration camps, and used for involuntary labor (German Jews During the Holocaust, 1939-1945).
During the Holocaust period, many brave and courageous people, who took on the task of hiding Jews in a safe place, were faced with tough risks. For example, Germans conducted random raids, so people hiding Jews in their home had to constantly be alert and keep an eye out for officials, otherwise the Nazi soldiers could arrest them. Also, individuals concealing Jews were rarely able to bring friends, relatives, or visitors home and had restricted social interactions with others, due to the possibility of accidentally seeing or talking about the “guest.” Additionally,
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Most of the time, Nazi soldiers arrested people solely based on word of mouth, even if they did not find any evidence or illegal activity. Also, friends and neighbors easily betrayed their loved ones for the sake of money or just to show their support of the Nazis. This obviously could potentially put the rescuer and the hidden Jews in trouble (Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust). Additionally, in September of 1942, one Jewish man named Otto Wolf described how terrified he and his rescuer had felt of the possibility of being caught. He said, “They are listening for us... the dog sniffs and sniffs and even sticks its head into our tent… we live through hours of terror (qtd. In Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the

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