Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

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Human Trafficking:

Modern Day Slavery

Slavery ended in America on December 6, 1865, correct? Most people think this, but in all reality this is very incorrect. Slavery is still seen all over the world, not just in third world countries, but in America as well. In fact, this year alone there have been 30 cases of sex trafficking in Ohio as said by the Ohio Attorney General 's Office (Villacorta). Human trafficking is a horrific act done by people who are willing to risk the life of another for their own self worth. The problem is easily ignored because it is a silent problem. Human trafficking is an easily overlooked problem widespread throughout the modern day world. Human trafficking “is a modern-day form of slavery involving the
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Perpetrators can be young or old, male or female. One common tactic for attracting potential victims is referred to as the grooming process. This may be carried out by a young, attractive boy who is more likely to lure in teenage girls He selectively finds girls who have low self-esteem and feel marginalized from their peers. The trafficker will buy these girls nice gifts, treat them like a princess, and tell them they are beautiful and that no one will ever love them more. The traffickers will spend time gaining the girl’s trust and once he has it and she is dependent upon him, he will put her into a sex ring. It is after this that he may become abusive towards her or introduce her to drugs in order to control. Perpetrators find these girls in many different places, from the mall to the library. According to the Columbus Dispatch, traffickers are even using social media to lure their victims. The usually are looking for tween and teen girls, with 12 - 14 years old being the average age for a girl to be lured into the sex trade in Ohio. They find girls that appear to be lonely and in need of attention and they convince them to runaway. According to one ex-pimp, “It’s impossible to protect all girls from guys like I was because that’s what we do. We eat, drink, and sleep thinking of ways to trick young girls into doing what we want them to do” …show more content…
Educating people about ways to identify human trafficking victims and ways to report suspicious behaviors is important in this battle to end human trafficking. Some visual items that are red flags for human trafficking are teenage girls with multiple hotel room keys, fake ID’s, lying about their age, bruising, leaving for long periods of time with inconsistent stories, or substance abuse (Flores). There are also many emotional implications such as depression, anxiety, fears, PTSD, nightmares, loss in self worth, trust issues, and intense guilt (Myles). If someone is showing these signs, there is a need for someone to stand up and help them. One way to help in a situation like this is to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888 or text them at “BeFree” (Recognize the signs...). There are also applications, such as Red Light Traffic, that can be downloaded to a smartphone and used to report suspicious behaviors (Red Light Traffic...). There are also other ways to educate the public and to help victims, or those at risk of being victims, of human

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