The Dangers Of Gender Roles : Othello And Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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For as far back as written history goes, people have been divided by certain roles. Men were considered stronger, therefore they were the hunters and protectors. Women were considered more gentler, making them the home keepers and child rearers. These roles soon morphed into men becoming the dominate role and thought of as superior while women continued to sink down the societal ladder and became nothing more than an object, mere property to their male counterparts. These roles slowly adhered themselves in people and was supported by society as a whole. Society twisted and enhanced these roles to structure how men and women were supposed to act. Going against these norms, for both genders, was all but blasphemous and most often ended in tragedy. Mainly it has been women who have paid the most for these given expectations where men often reap the benefits. The plays Othello and Macbeth by William Shakespeare are good examples of the dangers of gender roles. They show the encouragement of male dominance while punishing the women for “defiance”. Regardless of whether or not the women in these Shakespeare play accept their societal given roles or not, they greatly suffered the consequences of male dominance encouraged by a patriarchal society, however, it was the females who did accept the women’s roles of the patriarchal society that suffered more than the women who fought against male dominance. In order to better understand the thoughts and roles portrayed in the plays,…

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