Essay On Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is a major problem in the world today. Many people are getting addicted to drugs that are prescribed every day. People who are getting addicted to drugs do not realize the risks that they are taking. Risks including what drugs can do for them mentally and physically, but what it could do to their families and the people who care for them. Are prescription drugs safe or dangerous and what are the risks that could be caused from abusing drugs? Prescription drug abuse is when a person takes another person’s medication that was not prescribed to them or they abuse their own medication and take it like it is not prescribed (Drug Facts Prescription Drugs, 2005). In most cases you will see people selling their medications or someone else’s medications for money. People also take their prescribed medications and get addicted to them and not use them as the medicine bottles tell them too. Drug addiction is becoming a big issue because of all of the dangers that it can cause (Drug Facts Prescription Drugs, 2005). People do not realize the danger that …show more content…
The most common and clearest sign of opiate addiction is a compulsive use of a certain drug regardless of the harm it could cause to their body, health, or social welfare (Opiate Addiction, 2008). When people are on drug they do not consider the harm that it could cause them or their loved on ones. The only thing going through an addicts mind is getting more medication for them to take so they can get that high feeling. Some common signs of a person having an opiate addiction is denial or thinking that they don’t have a problem, lack of control over drug use, spending more and more time using drugs, spending any money on drugs, lying about taking drugs, finding traces of using the drugs such as marks or scabs and possibly finding the evidence, and paying less attention to responsibilities (Opiate Addiction,

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