Essay about The Danger Of Being An Outsider

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Have you ever felt like you’re an outcast, unwanted, unlike everyone else you see every day? It’s hard to try to fit in if you don’t share the same interests or have different hobbies as everyone. Tomas Tranströmer felt the pressure and shame of being an outsider due to the fact that he had no father figure constantly with him. In The Name, he was driving on a highway and pulled off to the side of the road as he became tired. After he slept for hours he awoke confused. It took him a while to understand who he was and where he was as he watched cars zoom by him. In the last paragraph, he clarifies that it 's hell not knowing who you are or what you 're doing when everyone else is on the fast track to success in their life when he 's struggling to understand who he is and what he 's doing. The Clearing has a slight difference in its take on society: in a thick and dense forest, there is a clearing with a cabin open for individuals who have lost their way in life. This space acts as a rehab center while the individual takes time to focus on what’s important in life again. There are ancient stories about this place that have been passed down through communities but it is difficult to get to those communities and hear the stories. Tranströmer has the reader believe that the speaker is an outsider due to the way he depicts society through The Name and The Clearing by his word choice and tone.
In The Name, the speaker shows how he is apart from society and the "normal…

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