The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Essay

768 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
The Dakota access pipeline is established to deliver 5700 barrels of raw oil from North Dakota to Illinois It is a four billion dollar project and is expected to be completed in this year (“What to know about the Dakota access pipeline protests”). But recently many Indian tribes have stuck outside Cannonball to against the Dakota pipeline company’s oil pipeline construction as they say that the construction will ruin both the environment and their tradition. Moreover, many protesters were even being harmed and arrested by the company even though it claimed that the construction was a peaceful process (“What to know about the Dakota access pipeline protests”). Thus, the company should stop the construction immediately.
The first reason for why Indian tribes support their claim is that the construction will devastate the local environment. Even the company claims that the pipeline is safe for use, the research has shown that even the safest pipeline would leak, and a small amount of raw oil can devastatingly ruin the drinking water. Delivering oil is vital to making profits in the country, but making sure every citizen’s daily life is the paramount mission for a government. As a matter of fact, the primary goal of delivering oil--making people’s life better--will become pointless if the construction means a severe impairment of the well-being of thousands of Native Americans. The tribes will not want their children to drink oil in the future, and it is essential for the…

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