The Curse Of Masculinity, By Susan Jeffords Essay

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Who doesn’t like a good movie? For many, it is the most joyous form of escapism. Viewers could break from their social and humanly limitations, and immerse themselves into the life and role of the star character; the hero or the heroine. One would find love, romance, innate super-powers, and finally, social acceptance (sometimes even reverence), all within the gratifying time frame of two hours. Like sex, their transferred-to-on-screen alter ego would build up to a climax, to at last explode into a blissful finale of physical and mental transformation. But, according to Susan Jeffords, author of “The Curse of Masculinity”, and Laura Sells, Author of “Where Do the Mermaids Stand?”, such is actually not the case. Are we really escaping reality when we watch these movies? Jeffords and Sells show us that media gives the masses the reality that they live in, in the times that they reside in. And who are these celebrated heroes that media makes us want to watch, and crave to be? What qualities do they possess? In answer to both questions, it is Man, and it is Power and Privilege. In a thorough analysis of Disney’s beloved big box office movies, Beauty and the Beast and The Littlest Mermaid, Susan Jeffords and Laura Sells define the ideological parameters of being a man in our society. And how, if a man should play his social cards right, it confirms the inherent fate of his established identity.

For a young man who is coming of age, to learn the confines and expectations…

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