The Curriculum Of Texas And Puerto Rico Essay examples

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There are several factors that can cause a student to have a lack of prior knowledge upon entering a new school system. In this case, the data analysis indicated that there were differences between the curriculum of Texas and Puerto Rico. As illustrated by the example presented in the previous chapter some of the math topics in the Texas curriculum were introduced at a different time in Puerto Rico. In addition, the complexity of the students’ objectives varied. Curriculum around the world can differ in order, emphasis, and students’ expectations.
Additional factors that affected Griselda and typically contribute to newcomers’ lack of background knowledge include cultural differences and socioeconomic status. Despite being a territory of the United States, differences between the Puerto Rican and U.S. mainland culture go beyond language. Puerto Rico’s traditions, customs, and beliefs are influenced by its multiethnic heritage, which is mainly Afro-Spanish. Such influences are reflected in the curriculum and what students learn outside of school. Upon entering an unfamiliar school system, students like Griselda face difficulties when having to learn a new culture in order to understand instruction.
Griselda’s family socioeconomic status further limited her background knowledge. Growing up in poverty gave her limited access to educational experiences outside of school. In addition, Griselda’s mother, Mrs. Matos, lacked herself the essential knowledge to help her children with…

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