The Current Trends Of Healthcare Technology Essay

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Healthcare has witnessed so many changes in recent time, and technology has contributed to the change. Starting from the way patients schedule appointments, to how personal medical information is demanded and recorded, and to how patients receive their treatments. Technology has indeed influenced the way doctors and patients interact. Many patients now have access to their medical history, even doctors can access a patient’s information with just a click on a device. Technology is indeed growing and has become a very important part of healthcare. New directions and priorities are now emerging in healthcare and healthcare managers have to be guided in an appropriate way. The digital innovations in the healthcare world has now made it possible for providers and consumers alike to be able to use devices that are portable in sizes to get access to their medical history, check their vital signs at home and a whole lot of other tasks. This paper will identify, analyze and discuss the current trends in healthcare technology. This paper will also go ahead to identify the key factors driving and/or limiting the further growth of healthcare technologies. It will also identify ways health technology will likely change the role of healthcare managers by the year 2020.
Smartphones and Healthcare Development
Since the advent of smartphones, it has continued to do more than just calling and texting. It has extended its tentacles to healthcare. It has given rise to an…

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