Health Information In Healthcare

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Many years ago health information was not as tech savvy as it is today, and the information that was processed was probably not reliable. Health information is the documents associated to a patient’s medical history, which can include symptoms, prognosis, procedures and including medical results. Health information has a huge impact on the health care industry and people are using much of today’s technology to access medical data. Health care information has become a vast topic in the medical industry today. Healthcare managers use the technology that has been developed to code, charge and diagnose patients. In the health care sector there are many challenges that managers and physicians face daily with the information that is stored, …show more content…
The technology used may include electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR) which stores patient’s data. This information is entered manually by a medical coding specialist and reviewed by the Health Care Manager. Some healthcare providers prefer to use the paper method due to the uncertainty to use new technology. For decades, health information has been collected and shared for health care delivery and public health purposes (Ramanathan, Schmit, Menon, & Fox, 2015).
Benefits of health information include the following:
• Excellent source of information means better care – electronic health records (EHR) has a detailed picture of health information than paper records.
• Pharmaceuticals receive accurate and faster prescriptions – prescribing medication electronically from the health care facility straight to the pharmacy means quicker service. No longer waiting hours for a prescription, it can be processed by the clinic in a matter of time.
• Eliminate unnecessary tests – this process can eliminate asking the same questions, needless medical test about the patient’s health and go straight to what his/her medical problem. Allowing medical providers to share your health information and avoid repeatable
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Quality improvement advantages across the healthcare organizations are essential to these efforts. The health information need measurements in order to classify opportunities for necessary improvement, on how health providers access and track how patients are doing. Health information play a major part in today’s medical environment. Using health information has proven quality of care in all aspects of a clinic or hospital. This part of the health information is vital so that healthcare providers are aware of the patients well-being and if there is any room for improvement.
All health care facilities should have some measurements that they can use to assess the height of certain areas. The relationships between patients perceived quality of care and the subjective importance of care form the basis upon which the questions are classified into the index for quality improvement (FrÖJd, Swenne, Rubertsson, Gunningberg, & Wadensten,

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