The Current Political Environment Of Mixed Member Proportional ( Mmp )

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It is true that the major decision making body in New Zealand’s (NZ’s) government, Cabinet, does operate only under the presence of constitutional conventions. However, this is unique and is the oddest aspect of NZ’s constitution. Thus, it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of such a body and how this works in the current political environment of Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) in NZ. Cabinet is a collective group of elected crown ministers headed by the Prime Minister (PM), who meet weekly to decide government policy. Cabinet heads the executive branch of government which executes laws and policies. Individual ministers instruct politically neutral public servants, the armed forces and police, and conduct foreign relations as well as having the power to enter into international obligations. Despite the executive not being prescribed in law, Cabinet is the most powerful body in the NZ government and is central to the NZ legal system. The existence of Cabinet depends on constitutional conventions, but its functions are governed by the Cabinet Manual. NZ is unique in regards to its constitutional make-up; unlike other countries, the constitution is not contained in one document but is made up of a variety of laws, legal judgements and conventions. Constitutional conventions are non-legal rules which are recognized as effective rules to govern which have emerged from practice and capture the way things ought to be done. They are followed not because it…

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