The Current Age Of Globalization Essays

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In the current age of globalization, the nature and characteristics of human resources has undergone many changes, in which labors are more active and flexible and freely in making decision about their employment. More and more people move from one country to another in the hope for better employment opportunities. Under this circumstances, labor migration associated to the tendency of global migration has played a particularly important role in the socio-economic development of many countries.

According to the ILO (2015) global estimates on migrant worker’s report issued in 2015, the world has an estimate of 232 million migrants, in which 150 million of them are migrant workers. The report additionally suggests that of the total of 150 million migrant workers, about 112 million were migrated to high-income economy, equivalent to 74.7 percent of the total. Among those workers, more than half (55.7 per cent) of the total of migrant labors are women, corresponding to 66.6 million people. The report also suggest that the majority of migrant workers are concentrated in Northern America, Northern, Southern, and Western Europe.
According to the International Migration Report of the United Nations (2016), there are 47 million of international migrants resided in the United States, which make this country become the host of the largest number of migrant worldwide. Mexican Immigrant has made a great contribution to this total, with more than 11.7 million Mexican immigrants resided…

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