The Culture of the Huaorani of Ecuador Essays

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The Culture of the Huaorani of Ecuador
“In the Eastern part of Ecuador stretches el Oriente, the jungle. Between the Napo and Curaray Rivers are 600,000 hectares of land that is the home of the Huaorani, feared warriors of the Amazon Rainforest. This territory includes Yasuni National Park, one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. Unfortunate for the Huaorani, it also includes hundreds of kilometers of oil pipes and several oil company stations that are having a devastating effect on this fragile tropical ecosystem” (Cuna, 2007, para. 1). Due to encroachment on their territory by outsiders, there are fewer than 2,000 Huaoranis left today. In this paper, I will provide an overview, as well as analyze and evaluate how the
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Men and women are more or less considered as equal irrespective of their differences in roles. This means no one is considered as superior to the other especially, when it comes to looking for food. “In the past, the Huaorani community was known as a hunter and gatherer community where men were mostly the hunters of large animals and hence the main bread winner in this community” (Rival, 2002, p. 54). “In this case, the main bread winners usually provided the large part of the meals in this community and hence men were considered as superior to women” (Ziegler-Otero, 2004, p. 152). Women, on the other hand, were known as gatherers of fruits and hunters of small animals.
“These gender roles influenced the hunting and gathering mode of subsistence of the Huaorani people as each gender has a role to play in provision of food” (Ziegler-Otero, 2004, p. 152). “Despite the fact there is a sense of equality in this community, men are mostly considered as the head of families and the entire community and hence their decisions in how the hunted food should be gathered is considered as the final” (Rival, 2002, p. 51). Additionally, the men also take on the more labor-intensive work within the community. The aspect of hunting large animals in this community was traditionally considered as more respectable as considered to small animals. This placed men at a higher level as opposed to women and therefore, men’s

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